10 Best Free QR Code Generators In 2023

10 Best Free QR Code Generators in 2023

by Micah James — 2 months ago in Top 10 13 min. read

Free QR code generators are back and are now at the top of the marketing industry’s trend list. What is exciting is that this time, consumers are embracing them. It is not just a case of “Everything old is new once more.” Instead, QR Codes have improved and evolved, offering solutions that marketers have been longing for.

Let us explore further what these powerful codes mean for the future of marketing.

QR Codes Are More Than a Passing Trend

QR Codes have become an integral part of our daily lives and are here to stay. While there was a lot of hype around QR Codes over a decade ago, it took time for audiences to embrace them. However, in the past three years, there has been a significant shift in their adoption.

The COVID-19 pandemic played a role in driving the surge of QR Code usage, especially for contactless ordering and purchasing. Additionally, technological advancements have made it easier for people to scan QR Codes. Now, mobile devices can recognize QR Codes without downloading a separate app, which has further accelerated their adoption.

As per some reports, the adoption of QR Codes will rise from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million in 2025. This exponential growth showcases the significance of QR Codes in uniting marketing experiences and enhancing customer understanding in a cross-channel, privacy-focused world.

6 Benefits of QR Codes That You Should Know Of

QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, offer numerous benefits across various industries and applications. Let us look at some QR Code advantages.

  1. Easy and convenient: QR Codes provide a quick and easy way to access information. Customers can simply scan the code with a smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera, eliminating the need for manual data entry or typing long URLs.
  2. Versatile information storage: QR Codes help in versatile information storage by encoding a wide range of data types, such as URLs, text, contact information, product details, and more. With their high storage capacity and ability to be scanned by smartphones, QR Codes provide a compact and efficient means to store and retrieve information quickly and easily.
  3. Improved customer engagement: QR codes improve customer engagement by providing a seamless and convenient way for customers to access information, promotions, and interactive experiences. With a simple scan using their smartphones, customers can unlock exclusive content, participate in loyalty programs, access product details, make purchases, and more. This direct and interactive connection enhances customer experience, fosters brand interaction, and encourages more profound engagement, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Contactless payments: QR Codes facilitate contactless payments by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. They enable users to make payments by scanning a code linked to a digital wallet or payment platform, eliminating the need for physical cash or credit cards.
  5. Data tracking and analytics: Several QR Code makers come with in-built analytics and Google Analytics integration that can give you insights into user engagement and behavior, scan frequency, location, and other relevant metrics.
  6. Cost-effective and scalable: Generating QR Codes is a cost-effective and scalable solution across various platforms. They can be printed on various surfaces, such as paper, plastic, or fabric, making them accessible to a wide range of users. At the same time, you can share them digitally, saving paper and money.
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Top 10 QR Code Generators for Businesses of All Kinds

Here are the ten best free QR Code generators that will help you scale your marketing efforts like no other.

1. Beaconstac

Beaconstac’s QR Code generator is one of the most popular and trustworthy QR Code solutions out there. Its customer base of top brands like Amazon, Pepsico, Nestle, and Marriott is a testament to this. Moreover, it is ranked as the safest and easy-to-use QR Code generator by G2, with a rating of 4.9/5 rating.

One of the standout features of Beaconstac is its ability to tailor every aspect of your QR Codes to match your brand. Even better is its enterprise-grade features that cover every QR Code security fear of users. The analytics and tracking capabilities provided by this solution are also top-notch, making it one of the best QR Code generators out there.


Why Choose Beaconstac?

  • User-friendly interface: With Beaconstac’s intuitive interface and beautifully organized dashboard, creating and customizing QR Codes has never been easier.
  • Reliability: Eliminate the risk of non-functional QR Codes with Beaconstac’s “real-time scannability score.”
  • Analytics and tracking: Measure real-world participation by integrating Beaconstac with Google Analytics. This feature allows you to track and analyze the performance of your QR Code campaigns effectively.
  • Scalability and personalization: Beaconstac makes it easy to manage and personalize QR Code campaigns on a global scale. You can easily tailor your campaigns to different regions or target specific demographics.
  • Enterprise specific: Experience a plethora of enterprise-specific features, including advanced retargeting, enterprise SSO, white label, and more.
  • 4000+ integrations: Seamlessly integrate Beaconstac with your existing CRMs, HR tools, and other sales stacks.
  • Security: Beaconstac Shield provides robust protection against inconsistencies in user scan behavior, detects phishing URLs, and ensures data integrity. Beaconstac is also SOC-2 Type II and GDPR compliant, which reinforces its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and data privacy for its customers.
  • 24/7 customer support: Offers round-the-clock customer support to ensure you have assistance whenever required.


Although the solution is not completely free, Beaconstac provides a 14-day free trial period to explore and test all its features. After the trial, the starter plan is available at $5/month. They also offer subscription tiers, including lite, pro, plus, and enterprise, catering to individuals and businesses.

2. The QR Code Generator

The QR Code Generator is among the most popular and widely used free online QR Code generators. Its user-friendly interface effortlessly guides you through creating and using QR Codes. Plus, The QR Code Generator has readily available customization options. All you got to do is choose the type of QR Code, enter the URL, and choose the template.

2. The QR Code Generator

Why Choose The QR Code Generator?

  • User-friendly interface: Create multiple static QR Codes in a jiffy, integrated into your application. This QR Code solution also allows you to create dynamic QR Codes for enhanced features effortlessly.
  • Custom-designed and colored QR Codes: Match the QR Code design to your branding or incorporate visual elements that align with your marketing materials with its built-in templates and design elements.
  • Data analytics and tracking: Allows you to track Dynamic QR Code campaigns with basic tracking and analytics.
  • High-quality QR Codes for printing: Produce high-quality QR Codes specifically designed for printing. You can download the QR Codes in vector formats such as SVG and PNG in sizes and resolutions you prefer, ensuring optimal print quality.


The QR Code Generator is a free tool to use; however, if you want to create dynamic QR Codes or make brand customizations, then you will have to sign up and take up a paid plan for the solution. The pricing starts at $5/user.

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3. QR Tiger

QRTiger is another popular QR Code maker designed to simplify the process of creating high-quality QR Codes for businesses. Its intuitive interface and customizable design options make it an excellent choice for streamlining QR Code creation. It is a user-friendly QR Code generator that combines speed, safety, and compliance with privacy regulations.

QR Tiger

Why QRTiger?

  • High-speed branded links creation: Create up to 1,000 new branded links per second.
  • Cutting-edge safety tools: QR Tiger prioritizes safety and security by incorporating advanced measures such as 2FA (two-factor authentication) and internal audits.
  • Compliance with privacy regulations: QR Tiger is compliant with EU privacy regulations, offering peace of mind for brands operating within the European Union.
  • Real-time data tracking: Track real-time data associated with your QR Codes. This feature provides valuable insights into the performance and effectiveness of your QR Code campaigns.
  • Integration with CRM software and analytics tools: QR Tiger allows seamless integration with CRM software such as Google Analytics, Slack, Salesforce, etc. This feature enhances your ability to track user interactions and gather valuable data for analysis.
  • Bulk QR Code generation: QR Tiger’s bulk QR Code generator feature enables you to create hundreds of QR Codes in just minutes.


QR Tiger offers a free plan that allows you to create three QR Codes at no cost. For additional features and higher usage, they offer a subscription priced at $7 per month.

4. QRStuff

With QRStuff, the QR Code creation process is simple and visually appealing, thanks to its intuitive design, extensive customization options, and the ability to create ad-free codes.

QRStuff’s website welcomes you with a clear and roomy layout that improves the process of generating a QR Code, making it simpler and more pleasant. By offering a sleek and user-friendly layout, QR Stuff stands out from other free online applications that could overlook the user experience.


Why QRStuff?

  • Generate ad-free QR Codes: Create ad-free codes, ensuring a more professional and streamlined appearance.
  • User-friendly interface: Navigating through the QR Code creation process is straightforward and intuitive.
  • Customized dashboard: To enhance your QR Code management, QRStuff provides access to a dashboard where you and your team can conveniently group and manage your QR Codes.
  • Personalization: QRStuff offers various customization options such as size, resolution, file type, error correction, dots, and corners. Additionally, you can add an image or logo to your QR Code, further personalizing it to align with your brand or specific requirements.
  • High resolution: With QRStuff, you can generate unlimited high-resolution QR Code artwork files for graphic design and print use. You can save these files in formats such as PNG, JPG, TIF, SVG, EPS, or PDF. Also, the QR Codes resolution can be as high as 3000 pixels, ensuring sharp and clear images.
  • Various data types: Using QRStuff, you can create QR Codes for a wide range of data types and smartphone actions, including QR Codes for website URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, text messages, WiFi networks, calendar events, social media profiles, or many other data types.


QR Stuff offers ten dynamic codes for free, allowing users to experience and utilize the dynamic QR Code functionality without any cost. For more than ten dynamic codes or additional advanced features, QR Stuff offers subscription plans starting at $12.95 per month.

5. Unitag

Another highly trusted QR Code generator is Unitag. Over 10,000 companies, including renowned names such as Unilever, Chanel, and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, rely on Unitag. Like most reliable QR Code solutions out there, Unitag, with Its easy customization options, allow customers to tailor the QR Codes to their specific branding and design requirements.

And that’s not all. Unitag’s free and advanced QR code generator offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to various business needs. Whether you want to enhance your digital presence, engage customers, or conduct research, Unitag provides the tools necessary to achieve your goals effectively.


Why Unitag?

  • Lifetime validity: With Unitag, the QR Codes you create have lifetime validity, meaning they will not expire over time.
  • Unlimited scans: There is no limit on the number of scans, ensuring that you can use the codes without any restrictions.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Create digital content, such as online surveys or contests, to engage and direct customers effectively.
  • Scalable analytics: Unitag’s scalable analytics allow you to gather valuable data from the QR Codes that, in turn, help generate insightful assets like pie charts and heat maps.


Unitag offers a free plan for basic features. For enhanced functionalities, it offers three – Standard, Gold & platinum, tailor-made plans based on your needs, starting at $17.28/month.

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6. Scanova

Scanova is a powerful tool that provides a wide range of features that make creating, designing, managing, and tracking QR Codes easy. With this solution, you can customize your QR Codes to match your branding and aesthetic preferences.


Why Scanova?

  • Scalable: Increase flexibility and produce high-quality QR codes suitable for printing purposes. Create QR Codes for various platforms and purposes, whether it is for text, website URLs, social media profiles, VCard information, PDFs, images, or even Google Maps locations.
  • Convenient: Update the content of your QR Codes, such as links, at any time without the need to change the QR Code itself (a feature that is common in all dynamic QR Code generators)
  • Personalization: Design your QR Codes using Scanova’s simple DIY tool. Modify colors, patterns, and even integrate your brand logo to create a personalized and visually appealing QR Code.
  • Tracking and analytics: Scanova’s tracking and analytics feature allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your QR Code campaigns.
  • Easy to generate: Easily create and link unique mobile landing pages without a web developer.


You can start your Scanova experience with a 14-day free trial to explore its helpful features. After that, you can choose a monthly subscription plan starting at $15.

7. ZebraQR

If you own a bar or restaurant and are looking to create digital menus, ZebraQR is your solution. ZebraQR is an exceptional QR Code generator that offers a plethora of features to effortlessly create dynamic and impactful codes. Its user-friendly interface and customizable design options make it the perfect tool for brands in need of high-quality codes in a flash.


Why ZebraQR?

  • Digital menu design: Create a visually appealing digital menu for your bar or restaurant.
  • Multiple patterns: Choose from eight distinct patterns to give your QR Codes a unique and eye-catching look.
  • Customizable colors: Explore countless color combinations to match your brand and capture attention.
  • Real-time sound alerts: Receive instant sound alerts, and stay informed about scans and engagement with your QR Codes.
  • Limitless possibilities: Unlock the potential of your QR Codes with ZebraQR’s wide range of additional features and versions, offering endless possibilities for creativity and functionality.
  • Self-registration for customers: Empower your customers to self-register and manage their visits through Zebra QR. Streamline the check-in process and enhance their overall experience.


Zebra QR caters to brands of all sizes and budgets. For small proprietors and those with simple needs, the service is entirely free. Additionally, ZebraQR offers a beginner plan priced at $9 per month, providing even more advanced features for businesses looking to elevate their QR Code strategies.

8. Visualead

Visualead is a trusted QR Code solution provider used by top brands like Coca-Cola, MasterCard, and eBay. The solution primarily caters to growth marketers, SEO-driven agencies, and enterprises by offering extensive customization options and robust analytics features.


Why Visualead?

  • High-resolution QR Codes: Generate high-quality QR Codes suitable for large-scale printing and production purposes.
  • Mobile-optimized content: Create mobile-optimized content QR Codes quickly, allowing seamless mobile user experiences.
  • Customizable QR Code designs: Use any image to create visually appealing and captivating QR Code designs, adding an element of creativity to your campaigns.
  • Mobile landing page creation: Easily create and publish your mobile landing page, enhancing the overall user experience and providing additional information or promotions.
  • Advanced analytics: Monitor the number of times your QR Code is scanned and gain insights into your audience’s behavior and engagement.
  • QR Code management: Efficiently manage your QR Codes through an individual dashboard, ensuring seamless organization and tracking of campaigns.


Visualead offers a free plan that allows for three QR Codes. For more comprehensive features, the entry-level plan starts at $7.52 per month, providing additional functionality and flexibility for your QR Code campaigns.

9. Free-Qr-Code.net

Free-QR-Code is a convenient tool that allows you to create QR Codes in batches of 100 at a time. The process is similar to other free web tools available. You begin by selecting your desired QR Code type, designing the code according to your preferences, making any necessary adjustments, and then downloading the generated codes.

Free-QR-Code is a handy solution for batch QR Code generation and offers decent customization capabilities.


Why Free-Qr-Code.net?

  • Bulk generation: Generate 1000s of QR Codes at once, and save time.
  • Customization: Provides a decent selection of customization options. You can personalize the QR Codes by adding your business logo or changing the color scheme.
  • Downloadable in several formats: Download the QR Codes in your preferred formats like PNG, SVG, or EPS.
  • Offers dynamic QR Codes: Track and produce high-quality QR Codes using its dynamic QR Codes.
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10. uQR.me

uQR.me is a leading QR Code generator that has garnered over 500,000 satisfied clients. With uQR.me, you can swiftly create, manage, and track dynamic QR Codes all from one central location. The platform also provides comprehensive metrics to gauge the number of people who have scanned your QR Code.


Why uQR?

  • Easy QR Code editing: Edit and reuse your QR Codes as frequently as needed.
  • Export options: Codes can be exported in various file formats, including SVG, EPS, PNG, and PDF, ensuring compatibility across different platforms.
  • Intelligent QR Code rerouting: uQR.me offers intelligent QR Code rerouting, enabling different operating systems to direct users to content compatible with their specific platform. For example, iOS users can be directed to the Apple App Store, while Android users can be directed to Google Play using the same QR Code.
  • Bulk code creation: Create QR Codes in bulk, saving time and effort.
  • Customizable QR Code URLs: Customize the URLs associated with your QR Codes, providing a personalized touch to your campaigns.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: uQR’s user-friendly dashboard allows for quick and effective creation, management, design, and updating of landing pages and QR Codes.
  • Reporting and team collaboration: Easily download reports, add team members, and manage their access to streamline collaboration and track performance.
  • Versatile content integration: Connect your QR Codes to a wide range of online content, including unique mobile pages, file downloads, digital business cards, Google Maps, PayPal, WhatsApp, app stores, and various social platforms.


uQR.me offers a full 14-day trial period to explore all its features. The basic edition starts at $4.95 per month.

Choose The Best QR Code Generator – Quick Tips

When choosing the best QR Code generator in 2023, consider the following checklist:

  1. User-friendly interface: Ensure the QR Code generator has an easy-to-use interface for quick and efficient code creation.
  2. Safety and security: Look for a QR Code creator that prioritizes data protection and complies with security standards like SSL certification and password protection. For example, Beaconstac provides SOC-2 and GDPR-compliant QR Codes.
  3. QR Code tracking: Choose a QR Code generator that allows you to track the performance of your codes, make updates as needed, and gain insights into user behavior.
  4. Bulk QR Code creation: Opt for a generator that supports bulk QR Code creation, saving time and improving productivity.
  5. Personalization options: Select a QR Code generator that offers customization features to enhance the customer experience and increase brand awareness.
  6. QR Code distribution: Ensure the QR Code generator allows for easy distribution of codes across different marketing channels, both online and offline. Consider features like multilingual support and specific Codes for social media platforms.

By considering these factors, you can choose a QR Code generator that meets your specific marketing needs and helps you effectively create QR Codes in your campaigns.

Final Thoughts

The potential applications of QR Codes are boundless. They are used in various ways to enhance your business operations. Whether you require a QR Code maker for a digital business card or for mobile marketing, you have the flexibility to customize a code according to your specific requirements. Using QR Codes in your campaigns ensures customer satisfaction.

Further, the world of QR Code generators offers a plethora of options to choose from. Throughout our exploration of the ten best QR Code generators in 2023, several key players stood out for their unique features and functionalities.

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