5 Avoidable Mistakes During College Application

5 Avoidable Mistakes During College Application

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Review 3 min. read

There are no specific reasons why an institution turns a candidate’s application down. The reasons vary, and some are beyond the applicant’s control. However, some errors made by college applicants contribute to the rejection. These mistakes may derail an individual’s career progression since they may deny one a chance for attaining their dreams.

College applications may seem like a hard nut to crack, but the upside is that students can always give their applications a fighting chance if they identify some of the mistakes highlighted in this article.

Overlooking Essential Personal Details

Context is vital during the admission process. Students cannot afford to miss out on any detail, no matter how trivial it is. You want the admission board to have a vivid idea of who you are just from going through your personal information.

The board needs to determine your personality and the kind of addition you will be to the school if given the opportunity. Therefore, you will need more than just your transcripts to achieve this. Stating your hobbies may provide a revelation of who you are. Candidates who neglect personal backstories may miss out on the opportunity to join their dream college.
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Last-Minute Submissions

Scrambling to meet the submission deadline on the last day will be evident in your application. Remember, the board can easily pick out an application that has been rushed and one that has been neatly done. If you are a last-minute person, chances are you might forget to attach some essential documents or to indicate vital information.

Start preparing early to avoid last-minute college application stress and anxiety. It is also necessary to seek guidance from teachers, parents, and peers. They will help you understand how to do everything right, which will ease the application process.

Being Too General

Most college applications will require writing an application essay or a personal statement. Your goal when writing this document should be to be remembered. Therefore, if you are too generic, you might not capture the board’s attention.

If there is a prompt inquiring why you want to join the institution, do not opt for the cliché statements such as “it’s has been my dream to study there.” Showcase that you are a unique applicant and an expert essay writer by presenting a top-notch piece.

Conduct your research and find out more about the university, then structure your answer along with what you have discovered from your research. The research is necessary since you will gather a lot of new information about the college. Additionally, highlight your hobbies or extracurricular activities with passion instead of just listing them. It could be your competitive advantage over other contenders.
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Sending Applications to Schools with Low Acceptance Rates

They are commonly known as reach schools; these are prestigious institutions where students have low chances of getting admitted due to the high qualifications required. Let’s face it: chances of getting into an ivy league university like Harvard are minimal if you are an average performer, even if you present flawless papers from expert writers.

If you send applications to such institutions, you may only end up with a pile of rejection letters. Thus, you should develop a realistic list of colleges you want to join. You may not go to your dream college, but at least you will get a chance at a reasonably good institution that will help you build your career. Being ambitious is good, but sometimes you have o be realistic to avoid wasting time on applications that may not actualize.

Missing Out on Scholarship Applications

5 Avoidable Mistakes During College Application

Getting admission to your dream institution is one thing, and affording the cost of the college is another. After receiving an acceptance letter, students get thrilled that they forget to apply for financial aid to ensure a smooth transition. It is best to apply for a scholarship during the college application to avoid such mishaps.

Every student should fill out the scholarship forms regardless of their background. There are several factors that the board looks into before awarding a grant or work-study, and you might be lucky to tick all the boxes. Such grants help reduce the cost of college significantly.
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Final Thoughts

The college application period is a busy time for high school seniors. Juggling between reading for the final exams and looking for an excellent college can be challenging. Hence, the reason for these common mistakes. Nevertheless, if you are keen enough, then you will hack the application processes and even get a chance to join a reputable institution.

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