What Is Conduit Minecraft? Its Uses, How To Craft & Activate?

What Is Conduit Minecraft? How To Craft and Activate Conduit In Minecraft?

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Entertainment 7 min. read

It may sound crazy but I have never played Minecraft.

Although I watched some videos of other players playing Minecraft a few months ago.

And the most amazing experience is watching other players making minecraft conduit – it’s fun!

It splash me so much that I have learned everything about conduit minecraft and so excited to share my thoughts on:

  • What are conduits in Minecraft?
  • What does a conduit do In Minecraft?
  • How to make and activate a conduit in Minecraft?

In case you’re also excited to know how to build conduit in Minecraft, you can read this blog.

But first, let’s look at some fun facts about this game.

  • Minecraft was initially released 11 years ago.
  • There are five different ‘Game Mode’ of Minecraft.
  • Minecraft is a kid’s choice video game developed by Markus “Notch” Persson.
  • Minecraft received critical acclaim and a kids’ choice award for favorite video game.
  • The game breaks the most selling records as it being the biggest top selling video game when sold 238,000,000 copies.
  • Most Minecraft fans say that this game is supercool, fun but at the same time scary.
  • In 2013, A Swedish school made it mandatory to teach Minecraft game features to children about city planning, environmental issues, and even how to plan for the future.

What Is a Conduit In Minecraft

As I have explored many articles, blogs, and video-based guides, I have learned that Conduit in Minecraft is a critical thing, acting as a substratum, and a kind of group of blocks.

Conduit refers to a spherical body of blocks undersea in Minecraft.

Conduits requires prismarine blocks, at initial 16 blocks are required to make a standard conduit but in order to fully use it, you’ll need 32 blocks. When it fully develops, it grants players immense power. The special power I personally like in Minecraft is underwater night vision.

What Does a Conduit Do In Minecraft

What Does a Conduit Do In Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival game, double-the-fun based on an open world in which players explore important things such as blocks, craft tools and utilities, build structures and machines to fight with mobs and other players.

In the middle of these things, players built conduit in the deep sea as well as on the surface. The purpose of making conduit in Minecraft is

  • to protect earthworks,
  • glaze other players, and
  • attack in-game subject hostiles

Besides this, when conduit fully develops it grants players conduit power which gives progenitive ability to breathe underwater with oxygen, night vision, increases the mining speed, and the aqua affinity enchantment. These are some conduit power status effect.

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What is Conduit Power?

In Minecraft, conduits can be used as beacons in a 3x3x3 water body. Once built you will receive the “ConduitPower” which activates when your player hits water or rain. The range of blocks will vary according to the construction of this conduit. If activated it will attack hostile groups within 8 blocks. If you are using conduit power you can breathe underwater and have night vision.

Crafting a conduit is not so easy, as conduit develops from a mixture of rare and important things.

Types of Conduit Structures

Types of Conduit Structures

Minecraft conduit structures are mainly of three types. Those are:

  • A standard conduit with 16 block structure with power range of 30-32 blocks.
  • A semi-activated conduit with 32 block structure with power range of 60-63 blocks.
  • A fully activated conduit with 42 block structure with power range of 92-96 blocks.

How To Make a Conduit Minecraft

To make a fully ultimate-charged conduit in Minecraft, you’ll need to obtain two key items – a Nautilus Shell and a Heart of the Sea.

How to obtain these two conduit crafting materials guide is mentioned below.

Obtain a Nautilus Shell

Nautilus shell is an important piece of material for conduit development in Minecraft. Also it is one of the rarest items to be found in conduit minecraft.

It is observed that an eight Nautilus Shell is required for conduit making. Let’s look at the ways for finding Nautilus shells in Minecraft.

Methods to find Nautilus shell for conduit minecraft are:

1) Wandering Trader

Wandering Trader

Minecraft’s traders are passive mobs that don’t attack but randomly spawn near to the player for trading features. With wandering traders, players can exchange items, buy precious materials for crafting such as Nautilus shells but up to five at a time.

2) Killing Drowned

Killing Drowned

Drowned are sea mobs, generally observed as monsters in Minecraft by a group of people. The chance of finding Nautilus shells from them is 3% in Java and in Bedrock, they have an 8% dropping chance.

3) Fishing


Finding a Nautilus shell through a fishing rod is time-consuming and lies in fewer promises to find precious gems. But you can increase the percentage of chance by using Luck of the Sea Enchantment. Many players suggest making use of Luck enchantment to obtain Nautilus shell for conduit minecraft.

How rare are nautilus shells in Minecraft?

A nautilus can be caught in the wild with an unenchanted rod. Drowned has an 8% chance of spawning in BE (Bedrock Edition) while 33% is available in Java Edition. A wandering trader spawns anywhere after a single in-game day and offers an opportunity to trade in nautilus. Because of harder obtaining methods than most objects, these shells may have become very rare.

Meantime, when you have collected eight Nautilus shells, next you have to find the Heart of the Sea.

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Obtain the Heart of the Sea

Obtaining the heart of the sea is very important because it activates the conduit to fully work and won’t work without it. It is placed in the center of the conduit minecraft.

There are no multiple ways to find the heart of the sea, instead it can only be found in buried treasure.

This means you need to search and head for a hidden treasure map in the Minecraft world.

How to obtain the Heart of the Sea

Treasure maps are hidden somewhere near shipwreck or ocean ruins. When you get near the treasure map, a red cross ‘X’ begins to be noticeable on a buried treasure map.

By feeding raw cod and raw salmon to a dolphin, they trigger them to swim towards the buried treasure location.

There is a 100% chance of finding the Heart of the Sea buried treasure in both Shipwreck and Ocean ruin.

Now that you have learned how to obtain a Nautilus shell and The Heart of The Sea, and assuming you have both, move to the Ocean Monument where you will find other required materials for conduit minecraft like Sea Lantern, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Brick, and Prismarine.

What is an Ocean Monument?

Ocean monuments are structures located in water biomes.

Although it must be noted that there are similar materials to find in an underwater ruin. A maritime monument may have more resources.

Once you collect and have all the materials needed, you can proceed to design conduit minecraft and activate for further use.

How to Activate a Conduit Minecraft

How to Activate a Conduit Minecraft

Activating a conduit is easy, fun, and entertaining.

See the steps below to learn how to craft and activate conduit minecraft.

  • Choose a location in the deep sea or on the surface where you want to build conduit minecraft.
  • Build a base layer with the use of 9 blocks of prismarine and even sea lanterns. For instance, create a plus (+).
  • Add a four layer of block at each end of the base. You can increase the height by putting more blocks on the base.
  • Now cover the top of the frame with the use of 5 blocks. For instance, create a plus (+)
  • After this, connect the middle of each pillar. This will take 12 prismarine blocks to finish.
  • At last, place the Heart of the Sea in the middle of the structure that you have collected from ocean ruin. Alternatively, you can place a temporary block in the middle and upon releasing it the conduit minecraft becomes active.

You will see something highlighting in the middle of the structure. Also, you will see the conduit power symbol on the screen (somewhere on the right).

Additionally, you can break conduit minecraft either by hand or use of pickaxe, but the pickaxe is the fastest way of breaking a conduit.

That’s it, hurray! You have crafted a well conduit minecraft with this guide. A conduit minecraft with conduit power looks like this.

A Fully-Activated Conduit Minecraft

Frequently Asked Questions

How many blocks are needed to make conduit fully activate?

You can activate conduit without its full potential ability in 16 blocks, while to make it fully activated, you will need 32 blocks.

Do conduits kill mobs?

Yes, conduits kill any underwater sea mobs or hostels that come within the range of 8 blocks.

Why isn’t my conduit working?

Make sure you followed our guide on conduit minecraft closely. Alternatively, make sure you place the heart of the sea in the middle of the conduits structure.

What materials are needed for conduit mine blocks?

To build a conduit you will require many things but two essential needs are the Nautilus shell and the heart of the sea. You will also required prismarine block, dark parismarine, and prismarine bricks.

What is Conduit Minecraft max range?

You can build fully utilized conduits with either the use of 32 blocks which have a range of 63 blocks and another of 42 blocks which have a radius of 96 blocks.

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