10 Countries With The Fastest Internet In The World

Top 10: Fastest Internet In The World (Broadband and Mobile)

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Post updated on 1st August 2022

Does your country count on the list of top 10 countries with the fastest internet connections?

Do you believe your fixed broadband internet connection or mobile internet is the fastest internet in the world?

Hmmm! It is tough to say.

Even if you live in a city where internet providers have invested a truckload of money towards new internet infrastructure, you might be surprised to learn that the United States is only ranked fourteenth with average internet speeds as fast as 225.51 Mbps.

Don’t worry this blog enlists the top growing countries with the fastest internet speed.

The ranking of top 10 countries are pulled from reliable sources like Statista.com and Ookla speed test documents.

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Top 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet

Countries with the fastest average fixed broadband internet speeds as of October 2021. Data and facts obtained from Statista.com

A) Fixed Broadband (Global Performance)

Ranking Country/Territory Mean Broadband Internet Speed (in mbps)
#1 Monaco 270.25
#2 Hong Kong (SAR) 260.35
#3 Singapore 257.15
#4 Romania 241.35
#5 Switzerland 231.96
#6 Chile 227.77
#7 Denmark 226.13
#8 Thailand 223.72
#9 South Korea 219.05
#10 France 218.84
  • Monaco had an average fixed broadband speed of 270.25 Mbps. Making it no.1 country in the segment of fastest internet in the World.
  • Hong Kong SAR is the second fastest internet country with mean internet speed of 260.35mbps.
  • With an average internet speed of 257.15mb, Singapore is the third country with the fastest internet speed in the world.
  • At the fourth, Romania had an average fixed broadband speed of 241.35mbps.
  • Switzerland stood at fifth position as it had an average fixed broadband speed of 231.96mbps which is enough to download The Sims in <67 seconds.
  • After Switzerland, Chile has the sixth-fastest internet in the world as it had an average internet speed of 227.77mbps.
  • Denmark just lies below Chile’s average internet speed with a deviation of 1.64 mbps and a total of 226.13mbps.
  • Positioned at number eight, Thailand had an average fixed speed of 223.72mbps making it comfortably in the list of top 10 countries with the fastest internet connections.
  • With an average internet speed of 219.05mbps, South Korea made it a comfortable point at number nine, leaving France at number ten position at 218.84mbps.

B) Mobile (Global Performance)

Countries with the fastest average mobile internet speeds as of June 2022. Data and facts obtained from Speedtest Global Index.

Ranking Country/Territory Mean Mobile Internet Speed (in mbps)
#1 United Arab Emirates 249.96
#2 Bulgaria 249.51
#3 South Korea 236.36
#4 Qatar 222.96
#5 Norway 201.50
#6 Kuwait 198.93
#7 Saudi Arabia 187.78
#8 Cyprus 182.31
#9 China 177.88
#10 Australia 168.63

Keep in mind these are average internet speeds for entire countries; some areas will be faster, some areas will be slower and some areas may be unserved.

Top 10 Countries With The Worst Internet Speed

Well, there are many countries where internet speed is just a bad thing in experience.

People are waiting for days to download a movie or simple files.

Out of many countries with the worst internet speed/slow internet speed, Turkmenistan is ranked at no.1 in the category of country with the worst internet speed.

See the list of top ten slowest internet in the world.

Ranking Country/Territory Worst Fixed Broadband Speed (in mbps) Worst Mobile Internet Speeds (in mbps)
#1 Turkmenistan <10.80 <3.41
#2 Yemen <8.77 <10.02
#3 Cuba <5.13 <13.18
#4 Sudan <10.91 <16.24
#5 Algeria <11.17 <22.13
#6 Malawi <9.08 <8.82
#7 Guinea <9.24 <3.61
#8 Niger <10.20 <3.67
#9 Syria <11.62 <20.72
#10 The Gambia <10.69 NA

The data and figures are obtained from Speedtest Global Index.

These statistics are averages and understate how many live in unserved communities in rural and remote areas.

At these average internet speeds, residents of these countries cannot do much beyond web surfing, checking email and reading the news with their internet connections.

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We need fast internet and the faster our internet is the better so we can not only work and pay our bills, but do fun things too like play video games and stream our favorite movies.

Surprisingly to some, the United States barely squeaks in at tenth fastest average internet speeds in the world. Charter Spectrum is one of the fastest internet providers in the USA.

Thanks for checking out the top 10 fastest internet in the world checklist.

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