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6 Ways To Avoid Shipping Delays For Goods

by Alan Jackson — 4 months ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

As a business owner, innumerable things are running through your mind all day. From ensuring good sales numbers to ensuring that your products have been packed properly, an entrepreneur needs to see everything.

However, shipping is a major area of your business that needs a lot of attention. If your shipments are always delivered late, your customers won’t be happy.

In fact, above 70% of consumers say that same-day delivery and high-speed delivery are their top priorities during online shopping.

So, if you also wish to avoid unnecessary shipping delays, keep reading this article!

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1. Ask your shipping partner to set a time

One of the best ways to avoid shipping and delivery delays is to set a delivery time setting.

This setting will allow the logistics company to set a specific range of days, starting from the minimum number of days your items need to be shipped up to the maximum.

However, ensure that this range is always set with a clear vision. You don’t want to set the minimum range too low. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be under pressure to produce more items in a shorter time.

On the other hand, the chosen number of days must also not disappoint your customers. Otherwise, they will be so tired of waiting that they’ll stop placing orders.

2. Adopt technology

Automating your shipping processes is one very effective way to speed up the entire delivery process.

For example, instead of manually packing each item inside a clear bag or plastic wrap, you can easily integrate technology that will auto-wrap and seal all the bags.

Otherwise, you can use different software to compare which shipping partner will deliver your packages the earliest.

Even though automation can initially cost a bit of money, the result is worth it. Your customers won’t have to wait indefinitely; you’ll also get accurate readings.

3. Switch to a better partner

If your current logistics partner simply cannot perform well or keep their promise to deliver your goods on time, switching to a new partner might be best.

You may hesitate because you don’t know which company will be better than the last one.

Well, you can try out https://ontimedeliverysolutions.com.au/, a reputed Australian shipping partner.

They have specific services for their clients, and their GPS route-tracking system only makes it easier for you to manage your shipments.

4. Be well-prepared during peaks

Any business has its peak season. For example, if you sell greeting cards, then some of your peak sale seasons will be around Christmas, New Year, and Easter.

If you want to make your shipping procedures smooth, it’s best to be well-prepared beforehand.

Even before the rush season sets in, you need to be prepared for bulk orders. In case your shipping partner doesn’t ship parcels during holidays, you need to find other alternatives.

Otherwise, dispatch your parcels at least a week before the official holiday season starts.

5. Double-check the details

Unfortunately, many delivery delays are caused simply due to spelling errors or incorrect addresses.

While they might be mistakes from the customer’s end, you must double or triple-check the details that you enter before handing the packages to the logistics company.

Even while communicating with your customers, ask them to go through their addresses and contact numbers before proceeding with the payment.

If there’s even a tiny error, such as a misplaced digit on the area pincode or the phone number, the driver will have to spend days locating the right house.

6. Enlist in a fulfillment service

Another great move to get rid of delayed deliveries is enlisting a fulfillment company’s services.

A fulfillment service is a third-party company that handles packaging, warehouse processing, and delivery of parcels on behalf of the business owner. While many of these services charge hefty costs, others are quite affordable.

The biggest advantage of such a service is that while the company takes care of your shipping needs, you can shift your focus to other business matters. Moreover, it also saves you a lot of time.

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Over to you

While a few delays in your parcel shipments are normal, regular delays won’t benefit your business. So follow these golden rules and make your company stand out among others!

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