5 Ways To Promote Your New Mobile Application

5 Ways To Promote Your New Mobile Application

by Evelyn Addison — 6 days ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

In 2023, the popularity of promote your new mobile applications is once again breaking records, and users are demanding more from them concurrently. This fact is substantiated by an Insider intelligence study revealing that smartphone users dedicate over 88% of their time to using apps. This percentage is staggering and is steadily increasing daily.

This trend significantly motivates companies to develop new applications and maintain optimal performance. According to Statista Market Insights, companies generated nearly $1 trillion from app usage in 2023, with projections indicating further growth through 2025.

It is obvious that competition is very high in mobile app marketing. Even if you create a great mobile app, it can get lost among other apps. That’s why we highly recommend promoting your app and choosing an effective strategy to get ahead of the competition.

So, let’s get started!

What is App Promotion?

Mobile app promotion is a strategic effort to enhance its visibility and popularity. Simply put, this involves employing various measures and methods to:

  • Improve the discoverability of your application for users.
  • Increase the number of downloads.
  • Attract a specific and engaged audience.

The application’s promotion process begins at the stage of its planning when you determine the target audience, create marketing funnels, and determine possible ways to attract users. For example, many game projects in the creation process create one-page sites or pages in the directories of partner sites with a call for registration.

Next, when your app is ready, you need to link to it to maximize your target audience properly. But that’s not all because installing the app takes 1 minute, like uninstalling. Keeping a user from visiting your app daily and being satisfied with the functionality is much more challenging.

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How Can You Promote Your Mobile App Effectively?

Now, let’s look at the action plan you can use in your app promotion strategy. Below, we have explained the actions of promotion of the application consistently so that you can use it step by step.


An effective promotion strategy is vital during the project creation stage. Many apps get visitors from websites because they often browse the internet to find answers to their questions. Therefore, implementing the app’s SEO can help your app rank higher on search engines and reach people who want to install your app organically.

Keep calm and follow these steps:

  • Create a website for a mobile application;
  • Find the right keywords already applicable in this industry for the best results. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Wordstream to find necessary keywords to attract more conversions. Just enter the key phrases you are interested in the search box and choose those suitable for your project.
  • Optimize the app name, title, URL, and description, including the main keywords you want to rank for.
  • Start a blog and write valuable articles for users;
  • Analyze your competitors. To obtain comprehensive information, follow these steps using MOZ as an example:
  • Input the URL of your competitor’s Link Research (e.g., Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds).
  • Retrieve a comprehensive list of key phrases search engines use to index this website.

App Store Optimization

ASO is a long-term process encompassing several crucial steps. Let’s break it down for clarity:

  • Join the App Store and Google Play as developers;
  • Publish your application;
  • Choose the right app name that users can easily remember and find;
  • Include relevant keywords;
  • Write a catchy description;
  • Download quality screenshots and videos.


User feedback is a source of consumer confidence. Recognize that users often rely on feedback from others when choosing apps. We recommend actively encouraging users to leave reviews in the following places:

  • Google Play;
  • App Store;
  • Social Media accounts;
  • Your company’s primary website or app.

Try to provide excellent customer service, update the app with new features, and fix bugs. Have you considered soliciting feedback from customers to improve your app? It could be a great way to make your app better!

You can find bloggers, reach out to them, and ask them to try out your app. If they like it, they’ll probably share it with their followers.

Remember, satisfied customers will more likely rate and recommend the app to their friends.

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Social Media

We recommend harnessing the potential of social media channels. After all, Forbes reported in 2023 that 4.9 billion people engage with social networks daily.

You should find out the social media channels your target audience is most active on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and create engaging and helpful content related to your application. You can:

  • Talk about the development process;
  • Share news and future updates;
  • Carry out promotions;
  • Ask for feedback and give discounts.

This way, you can improve relationships with your audience, understand their interests, and attract new users.


After you’ve ensured that you’ve completed the steps outlined above, it’s time to invest in advertising. This approach will consistently boost your application’s visibility and expand your user base.

Google app campaigns and Apple Search Ads can help you promote an app at the top of search results and find target users.

Additionally, if you know audience demographics and interests, try advertisement platforms (Facebook/Instagram) to reach more people.

Get backlinks

Backlinks are an essential SEO strategy to drive traffic and boost rankings to the app’s page on your website. The more inbound links from trusted sites you can get, the higher your app will rank.

You can list on directories, comment on forums and blog posts, or write guest posts.

A great way to get exposure for your app is guest blogging. Write guest articles about your app on various technology blogs, and include a link to your app’s page on your site so readers can find and download it.

Take advantage of the Collaborator platform to find relevant sites.

  • Sign up and create your project;
  • Go to the catalog and select sites;
  • Order guest posts or press release publications;
  • Enjoy the result.

Final Thoughts

Promoting a mobile app is a strategic endeavor to attract a broader customer base. While many experts emphasize the significance of ASO for platforms like the App Store and Google Play, focusing on the initial stages, including keyword research and optimizing the app’s title and description, is crucial.

Creating a successful app promotion strategy is crucial, but it’s important to understand that it is long-term. Slow and steady wins the race!

To succeed in the mobile application market, you must be unwaveringly dedicated, conduct continuous data analysis, and remain adaptable to evolving trends. These key factors will undoubtedly bolster your app’s visibility and attract new users, leading to undeniable success.

Evelyn Addison

Evelyn is an assistant editor for The Next Tech and Just finished her master’s in modern East Asian Studies and plans to continue with her old hobby that is computer science.

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