10 Top Crowd Management Software

10 Top Crowd Management Software

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Managing large crowds at events can be a daunting task. With the advent of intelligent crowd management tools, understanding and controlling crowd dynamics is becoming easier and more efficient.

This article provides an in-depth look at the top 10 software tools that bring revolutionary changes to event organizations, from improving safety measures to enhancing the overall guest experience.

Benefits of Event Crowd Management Software

Event crowd management software offers numerous benefits, including enhanced safety and security measures, improved planning and resource allocation, effective crowd management strategies, and real-time notifications and alerts.

Safety and Security

Crowd management software is key to ensuring safety and security at any event, large or small. Monitoring attendee flow in real-time helps prevent overcrowding, mishaps, and potential chaos.

ANSI ES1.9-2020 standards emphasize these aspects of crowd control for event organizers.

Properly trained managers using this technology can efficiently manage ingress and egress, medical emergencies, and fire safety protocols.

The experience of the Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2019 underscores its importance, where it ensured the safe participation of millions of pilgrims. In a world that is becoming more security conscious by the day, such software is essential in creating safe environments during events.

Enhanced Planning and Resource Allocation

Harnessing the power of crowd management software opens up tremendous opportunities for improved planning and resource allocation. By leveraging a cloud-based SaaS platform like this, project managers can optimally allocate resources during an event, resulting in efficient operations and cost savings.

The software’s tools are impeccably designed to handle large-scale events with minimal risk of mismanagement. These systems analyze data in real-time, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments to improve performance and smoother stakeholder coordination to ensure successful events.

Not only does it optimize resource utilization, but its strategic approach also provides a free event planning template that facilitates a systematic flow throughout the execution phase.

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Improved Crowd Management

Event organizers can streamline the management process and improve the overall attendee experience by harnessing innovative crowd management software. These advanced tools use real-time data to map crowd density and anticipate potential pinch points or bottlenecks.

With this detailed insight, proactive measures can be taken to prevent overcrowding and maintain a smooth flow. In addition, with features such as queue estimation and predictive analytics, these systems help make informed decisions about staffing levels for better resource optimization.

This undoubtedly contributes to improved safety standards at events aligned with ANSI ES1.9-2020 protocols, emphasizing enhanced control mechanisms for effective crowd management.

Applying such rigorous strategies is particularly critical at large-scale events such as the Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2019, where meticulous planning ensures a seamless pilgrimage experience despite mammoth crowds.

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Event crowd management software with real-time notifications and alerts is a critical tool for event organizers to keep their events safe and running smoothly. This technology helps organizers to monitor metrics such as how crowded, how long, how often, and how people move at their events. This way, they can spot and solve potential issues before they get worse.

Built-in artificial intelligence analyzes the data and sends instant alerts when anomalies or trends are detected. This immediate notification allows event staff to prevent overcrowding or address emerging security concerns proactively.

With this powerful feature, event organizers can effectively manage crowds while maintaining a safe environment for all attendees.

Top 10 Crowd Management Software Tools

Discover the best crowd management software tools that will revolutionize your event planning and security protocols. From TallyFi’s real-time data collection to CrowdConnected’s advanced analytics, these tools provide unparalleled insight into crowd density and behavior.

Enhance your event management strategies and ensure a seamless experience for attendees with these cutting-edge solutions.


TallyFi is a premium crowd management software solution that provides synced WiFi people counters. With a reputation as the best people-counting software on the market, backed by over 2023 reviews and high ratings, TallyFi stands out from the crowd.

The efficiency and accuracy of its people counters provide valuable insights for effective crowd management. Whether you’re planning an event or managing foot traffic on a college campus, TallyFi’s technology can help you make data-driven decisions for better resource allocation and enhanced security measures.

It’s no wonder that The Working Waterfront publication featured TallyFi in its June 2020 issue. At a time when crowd control is more important than ever, having reliable tools like TallyFi makes all the difference in ensuring a seamless experience for organizers and attendees alike.


CrowdConnected is a powerful platform that provides innovative crowd management software tools. With real-time data collection on crowd density, queue lengths, traffic patterns, and more, event organizers can effectively monitor and manage large crowds.

CrowdConnected’s software solutions are essential for sporting events, concerts, conferences, and other gatherings. Whether it’s managing civil unrest or implementing crowd control techniques, this platform has you covered.

In addition to providing temporary security services and online forms for streamlined crowd management documentation, CrowdConnected’s software tools can also be used in retail environments to optimize planning and merchandising efforts.

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Sightcorp CrowdSight

Sightcorp CrowdSight is one of the best crowd management software tools available today, offering a comprehensive solution for event organizers and businesses. This powerful tool collects real-time data on key crowd metrics such as density, queue lengths, dwell times, and traffic patterns.

Using facial recognition technology, Sightcorp CrowdSight enables event organizers to monitor and manage crowd behavior while optimizing control measures effectively. With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, this software provides valuable insights for event planning and security purposes.

Whether it’s for retail spaces or large events, Sightcorp CrowdSight helps improve crowd control by utilizing advanced technologies such as gunshot detection devices and intelligent surveillance systems.


Pointr is an innovative crowd-management software tool that uses location-based technology to improve event safety. With Pointr, event organizers can efficiently allocate resources, plan for contingencies, and manage crowd flow in real time.

The software provides detailed analytics and insights to optimize crowd management strategies and make data-driven decisions. In addition, Pointr offers features such as real-time notifications and alerts to ensure timely communication with staff and attendees during emergencies or critical situations.

By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Pointr brings efficiency, effectiveness, and peace of mind to event planners looking for best-in-class crowd management solutions.


InReality is a leading crowd-management software tool that provides advanced solutions for event organizers and venues. With its real-time data collection capabilities, InReality allows users to monitor key metrics such as crowd density, queue lengths, and traffic patterns.

This valuable information enables event planners to make informed decisions about resource allocation and crowd management strategies. In addition, InReality provides enhanced safety features by providing emergency protocols to ensure the safe movement of people during unforeseen events.

This powerful software tool allows event organizers to streamline their planning processes and create a safe environment for attendees.


Camio is a powerful crowd-management software tool that provides innovative solutions for managing large gatherings and events. With its advanced video analytics technology, Camio allows event organizers to monitor crowd movements in real time, ensuring optimal safety and security measures are in place.

The software also improves planning and resource allocation by providing valuable insights into attendee behavior and traffic patterns. In addition, Camio’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage crowds effectively, while its real-time notifications and alerts keep organizers informed of potential problems or emergencies.

Camio is a reliable choice for event professionals looking to streamline their crowd management processes effortlessly.


Zensors is a powerful crowd management software tool that helps event organizers and businesses effectively monitor crowds and ensure safety. With its advanced AI technology, Zensors can analyze real-time video feeds from cameras strategically placed throughout the venue to detect and track people’s movements accurately.

By providing valuable insights into crowd density, flow patterns, and potential bottlenecks, Zensors enables event managers to make data-driven decisions for crowd control, resource allocation, and emergency response planning.

This innovative software also provides customizable notifications and alerts to keep everyone informed during critical situations. With Zensors, you can proactively improve crowd management at your events or business premises for a smooth and safe experience.

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CrowdVision is a leading provider of crowd management software tools using video analytics. Their solutions are designed to collect real-time data on crowd density, queue lengths, dwell times, and traffic patterns.

By harnessing the power of video analytics, CrowdVision provides valuable insights for better event planning and effective merchandising. They specialize in improving safety by preventing crowd disasters through accurate location data.

CrowdVision’s expertise extends beyond events to sectors such as retail and airports, where their automated passenger analytics solutions help improve efficiency, profitability, and the passenger experience.

Event Radar

Event Radar is a powerful crowd management software tool that provides a range of features to help event organizers effectively manage crowds and ensure the safety of attendees.

This software collects real-time data on crowd density, queue lengths, dwell times, and traffic patterns, allowing organizers to make informed decisions about resource allocation and crowd control measures.

With Event Radar, you can receive real-time notifications and alerts about potential risks or incidents, enabling rapid response and resolution. The platform also provides advanced planning capabilities to help organizers optimize operations for a smoother event.


Quividi is a leading crowd management software tool specializing in audience measurement and shopper analytics. By tracking and analyzing pedestrians and vehicles in real time, Quividi helps businesses optimize their operations by providing valuable insights into customer behavior.

It offers integrations with major digital out-of-home platforms, making it an ideal choice for advertising campaigns as well. Quividi’s privacy-respecting approach ensures that audience data is captured by cameras while maintaining individual privacy.

Its effectiveness in retail environments has been recognized by the GSMA SMArt CitieS Guide, highlighting the importance of crowd management tools in enhancing the customer experience.


In summary, the top 10 crowd management software tools mentioned in this article offer a number of benefits to event organizers. From ensuring safety and security to improving planning and resource allocation, these tools provide real-time notifications and alerts to manage crowds effectively.

With options like TallyFi, CrowdConnected, Sightcorp CrowdSight, and more, event planners have access to powerful solutions that can improve the overall guest experience. By leveraging these innovative tools, event organizers can take their crowd management strategies to new heights and create successful events that prioritize safety and satisfaction.

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