Janitor AI: Understanding The Basics [Part 1]

Janitor AI: Understanding The Basics [Part 1]

by Alex Noah — 3 weeks ago in Artificial Intelligence 6 min. read

Janitor AI is a new iteration in the field of Artificial Intelligence that has caught a huge attention of developers, gamers, and individuals since its beta release.

At the top of the technology, it is based on Janitor’s LLM module instead of OpenAI LLM. Might Janitor AI LLM wants to give tough competition to Open AI’s large language model.

Reportedly, this news came from the Janitor AI tweet which I have shared below.

(take a look 👇)

janitor llm

Some of you (readers) may not fully understand about Janitor AI and its working.

For this reason, I have drafted this blog, basically it is the part one – will learn about the basic fundamentals of Janitor AI.

Context Includes:

👉 Understanding Janitor AI
👉 Features of Janitor AI
👉 Pros and Cons of Janitor AI
👉 How to use a guide?
👉 Things required to use Janitor AI tool
👉 Frequently asked questions

Let’s delve into the details…!

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What Is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a chatbot but it’s not like a standard chatbot. It’s a scenario-based anime character role-playing chatbot developed by the Janitor AI community.

You can create your own Janitor AI chatbot or could chat with second-person created chatbot and communicate respectively.

Technically, Janitor AI uses Large Language Models, including OpenAI’s GPT models. This differentiates it at a big scale, enabling users to take advantage of NSFW chat mode.

This is why it is so popular among Gen Z and successors.

Why Is Janitor AI Chatbot So Popular?

Since the release of Janitor AI beta, people across the globe have gone enthusiastic because of its spontaneous innovation of communication with other people through anime-style characters.

You heard it right… you can create any real-world or fantasy-based character and initiate personal conversation with them.

Not only this, registered users can also chat with third-person created chatbot characters by validating API keys for free.

Another reason for its popularity is that Janitor AI supports NSFW roles, which attracts many users at a glance.

Also, it is a rumor that everyone can make money through chat services on Janitor AI.

Features Of Janitor AI Chatbot

Though Janitor AI is a new iteration with a distinctive chatbot idea, it has multiple distinctive features.

1. Diverse character options

Indeed, Janitor AI incubates a dense character options that includes real-world anime role-playing characters including some fantasy based.

This feature allows users to engage in communication with virtual personas that match with their preferences.

2. Fast response

As Janitor AI users own LLM as well as Open AI LLM, users are on the verge of getting faster prompt responses from the chatbot.

Particularly, this aims to ensure that users receive timely assistance and information accurately.

3. Multi-age interaction

Janitor AI usage restricted to below 18 years old. This means you must be an adult to use Janitor AI chatbot entirely.

Ironically, there are millions of users accessing Janitor AI as of now, this means you can chat with global people with multi-age interaction as an advantage.

4. Character creation

This is the fun part of Janitor AI. Allowing its registered individuals to create their own AI chatbot with anime characters of their preference and offer chat service with personalization.

And that’s what sticks users to Janitor AI and expands its user base.

5. NSFW content

Abbreviation for Not Safe For Work used when some sort of offensive content displayed.

Janitor AI incubates adult content, for instance., adult content characters, allowing users to engage in communication with the risk of adult themes and topics.

However, users have the option to choose NSFW (Not Safe for Work) characters when selecting their chat partners.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Janitor AI

Janitor AI has many pros when put in the context of a chatbot. Parallely, it has some cons as well.

Advantages of Janito AI chatbot:

  • Role playing chatbot that provides accurate answers.
  • Users can create and customize their character.
  • Access is restricted below 18 years old users.
  • Provides a clean application programming interface.
  • Providing character interactions suitable for all ages.
  • Data safety and content moderation is strictly monitored and practiced.
  • It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as customer service, marketing, and sales.
  • Effortless communication between users and virtual personas.

Disadvantages of Janitor AI chatbot:

  • Inclusion of adult content or NSFW information.
  • The community can access and process information that you share with it.

Who Can Use Janitor AI?

Janitor AI can be accessed by any individual who is equal or older than 18 years.

Additionally, Janitor AI LLM opens up a new world of opportunity for individuals, developers, and organizations as it uses both Janitor AI’s LLM and OpenAI’s LLM.

In this regard, it would be beneficial for ventures deals in marketing, sales, and customer interactions.

Janitor AI can also be incorporated into your website, but eventually, it needs a valid API key to integrate.

For chatbot purposes only, it’s free to use.

How To Use Janitor AI For Free?

There’s a lot of hype about how to set up and use Janitor AI.

In this section you will learn how to use Janitor AI from the beginning.

1. Creating OpenAI Account & API Key

Login to Open AI

To get started with Janitor AI, you first need to create an account on OpenAI. It is an important step because we need an API key from the platform.

Simply, visit the OpenAI official website and create an account for free. Next, imply your login credential to the OpenAI API platform.

Click on your profile menu and select “View API Keys” and click on the “Create new secret key” button.

View API Keys

Create new secret key

Name your OpenAI key (for instance; Test One) and hit “Create secret key”

Create secret key


You will now see that OpenAI generates a key for you. Click on the key to expand and use the copy button.

2. Register Yourself On JanitorAI

The next step is registering yourself on the Janitor AI platform. You can register using a Google account or through Janitor AI Discord.

Register at JanitorAI

Remember, this site is not for minors. You should be 18+ to access Janitor AI chatbot and its features.

Next, complete your public profile by filling the information such as your name and username including a short description about yourself and short appearance.

When you are done, click on the “Update Profile” button.

Create your profile

3. Applying API Key

After updating your profile, you are now good to proceed to applying the API key.

To do so, go to the homepage of Janitor AI. Open any third-person created character. For eg., I open Yandere Classmates character.

Under the character image, you would find the chat button option, click on it to begin chatting.

Chat option Janitor AI

But you won’t be able to chat. It is because the API is not ready. Click on the read message box to set up the API key.

API setting window Janitor AI

There you go, finally at the API setting window.

Follow the process carefully to set up the API key successfully.

  • Keep API selection to Open AI
  • Keep the OpenAI model to GPT3.5 turbo
  • Mark “My own API key” as an access open API.
  • Paste the Open AI Key and click on “Check API Key” to validate.
  • After successful validation. Simply save the settings.

If you’re able to chat now. This means your OpenAI API key is validated and working.


Note To Remember: OpenAI is NOT FREE. It gives you 5$ for a trial (~500 messages), after that you need to pay OpenAI to use their API.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Janitor AI released?

Well, the exact date is still unknown, the first glimpse of Janitor AI seen as a beta version in July 2023.

Is Janitor AI paid or free?

Janitor AI is free to use. But the API Key validation through OpenAI is chargeable.

Is there any Janitor AI app?

Janitor AI is only available as a website platform to users. There is no Janitor AI application yet developed.

Are there any limitations of Janitor AI?

Some of the limitations of Janitor AI are content moderation, ethical considerations, and legal compliance.

Can Janitor AI see chats?

No. Janitor AI cannot see your chats or in alternate terms, it does not access users’ chat history.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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